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Are you at the beginning of building a marketing or partnerships team, or do you want an experienced set of eyes on a larger deal or campaign?  Do you want help with asset identification, or do you want to build templates to calculate ROI?  Whatever stage you are in, BMP can help.


Project Consulting

Some projects require a unique skillset.  Other projects don't require the addition of additional full-time staff, but only extra hours sporadically.  If you have a project in marketing or partnerships, let us know.  Whether it's developing new processes to integrate a marketing department or subject matter expertise in navigating a multimedia rights contract, we can help.  Whether it's a short term contract or a retainer to have access to subject matter experts, we have flexible solutions. 

  • Lead Development of Rebranding or Brand Strategy

  • Partnership Launch Planning

  • Integrating Marketing Channels and Reorganization

  • Merchandise Marketing Planning

  • Sponsorship Brainstorm & Ideation

  • Partner Planning Summits

  • Scenario Planning & Disruption Management

Years of successful projects and scores of happy colleagues and clients can't be wrong.  


Project Management

Large projects need a leader that gets things done, but can be trusted to stay aligned with the strategy and vision.  From large scale conference and event management, to the efficient operations of launching a company or department, let BMP Consulting handle the project management.  You will enjoy regular updates and relevant communication, but more importantly a commitment to your core principles and KPIs.


Training & Education

A good team has a diverse background, but you still need to get on the same page. Training and Education Workshops can ensure consistency across your department.  Whether it is the development of multichannel marketing plans or a deep-dive on asset valuation, BMP Consulting can customize a program for you.  Below are a few examples of Training modules.  To find out more, get in touch.

  • Asset Identification & Valuation

  • Sponsorship Proposals, Deliverables & Reporting

  • Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan

  • Starting Partnership Discussions

  • Identifying KPIs & Relevant Metrics

  • Marketing Spend "Plus-Ups"

  • Overwhelming Data - Where To Focus


Review & Analysis

Sometimes you want a second-opinion or another set of eyes to provide perspective.  Our subject matter expertise can help identify gaps and opportunities within your marketing platforms and multimedia partnerships.  Get insights based on practical experience.

  • Efficient Integration of Marketing Channels

  • Balance Organic, Paid & Earned Media

  • Optimize Messaging Across Channels

  • Tracking Marketing Spend & ROI

  • Review Sponsorship Portfolio

  • Partnership Valuation & Growth

  • Segmentation Analysis and Insights

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